Hospital bed



Hospital Beds Series

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Product Description

Main Features:

✽ Accurate weighing scale
✽ Bed exit alarm
✽ MS perforated platform with ventilation hole, moulded
✽ ABS soft connection between section joints
✽ ABS head/foot board, detachable
✽ ABS tuck-away side rail, 4 pieces
✽ Embedded railing control
✽ Embedded nurse control on the foot board
✽ Manual CPR release accessible on both sides
✽ Heavy duty caster, dual sides with diameter of 125mm
✽ Central brake system
✽ ABS base cover
✽ Battery backup
✽ Auto-counter
✽ I.V. pole
✽ Urine bag hook


✽ Bed angle indicator
✽ One button electric CPR
✽ Bed extension
✽ X-ray translucent platform for radioscopy
✽ ABS removable sleeping platform
✽ Night light
✽ Steering function to manipulate the bed by one person
✽ Lifting pole
✽ Auto-regress